News: [SSL/TLS] Domain validation policy changes in 2021

Published: 01/09/2021

Regards on Mozilla and CA/B Forum-backed domain validation policies change will be implementd on end of September 2021 and take effect November 15, 2021. These policy changes apply to all new certificate requests, renewals, reissues and pre-validated domains. These changes won’t affect TLS/SSL certificates already issued.

  • Domain re-validation will be required every 397 days.

  • File-Base Domain validation will be disallows for wildcard certificates. For all non-wildcard certificates domain validation will be required for every individual SAN/FQDN.

These policy changes affect all public TLS/SSL certificates. Please review pre-validated domains before September 27, 2021

We will notify you as the date approaches with an action plan. 

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